Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter morning skin care routine

At the beginning of this winter I started trying new skin care products hoping to find new favorites to help my dry skin combating the harsh winter. After 2 months of testing I'm settled for the following products which my skin feels the most comfortable with and now I'd like to share with you...

My situation

When I say harsh winter, I mean a handful of near 0° C days and another handful of extreme freeze days (like -30°C) and the rest were somewhere in between -10~-20° C, and we still have at least another month of sub zero temperatures here in Eastern Canada.

My skin is dry overall but not parched or overly sensitive. Probably because I use the right products!!


The Body Shop Pomegranate Softening Cream Cleanser
200ml CAD$15
This cream cleanser with light berry scent gently cleans the skin with out over drying it. My skin feels soft and brightened and ready to moisturize. It can also be used to remove light make up (BB cream or tinted moisturizer) but I do not find it very effective in removing waterproof mascara, but since I use it in the morning, which I normally do not have makeup on, this cleanser serves the purpose. Although the Body Shop Pomegranate line addresses the signs of aging, I do not expect too much serious improvement on this cleanser.


NUXE Nuxuriance Serum - Brightening Intense Re-Densifying Serum 
(affiliate link) 30ml CAD$72
This serum not only helps prevent pigmentation and firm up the skin, it also moisturizes the skin at the same time, which my skin needs for the winter. It applies nice to my skin and has the classic Nuxe floral scent but does not cause irritation to my skin. So far I have used up half of the bottle and I can see improvement on my dark spots. I was very happy to pick up this never-used-before product in France last summer and as I remembered, it was about CAD$50.  

STRIVECTIN Advanced Retinol Eye Cream 
(affiliate link) 15ml CAD$83
I only started using eye cream regularly about a year ago. Not that I had no concerns around my eye area until then, because prior to that I was focusing on improving overall skin condition.  I was lucky to received this generous 5ml eye cream sample from a drugstore near home during their anniversary door crusher goody bag and I really like it. I usually have hard time finding the right eye cream. They are either too light or too heavy, causing irritation to my eyes, or simply not providing the results. Also, I like to avoid jar package as much as I can. 

This Retinol eye cream, as the product claims, does brighten and hydrate the skin around my eyes and provides an instant lift without irritating my skin and eyes. It has very similar effect to Philosophy's Miracle Worker Miraculous anti-aging retinoid eye repair, but more moisturizing (Philosophy's is more gel like) and less irritating.  It has a citrusy floral scent. It's fairly strong, but again overall there's no sensitivity issues to this eye cream. One benefit that I'm not sure if it's related to using this eye cream, I also notice my lower lashes seem to grow longer too! 

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Soothing Lip Balm 
7g CAD$5.50
This is a nice and rather natural lip balm that moisturize the lips but not overly slippery. The citrus scent is a plus to use in the morning.


LA ROCHE POSAY Hydraphase UV Lotion SPF30
50ml $41

This is one of my holy grail products that I've used up more than 5 bottles. It gives my skin a healthy, dewy look without the oily feel from sun protecting ingredients. It has a very mild scent (probably the minimum you can get from French skin care) but does not cause irritation to my skin, although I do try to avoid applying too close to my eye area.  The product claims to improve "Dehydrated skin, first signs of skin aging (fine lines, loss of radiance, age spots)", I do not see the difference on my pigmented spots. 

What is your holy grail skin care product(s)?

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