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Eyebrow pencils collection & review

Eye brow profile: fine, almost invisible with hair color in soft brownish black.

Eye brow pencil is my #1 make up item. I can safely say that I would not go out with out drawing my brows, even meeting the delivery guys! However it's rather hard to find a decent eyebrow pencil to satisfy my criteria in terms of color (not too red or too black) and texture (not too soft) even at high end counters. Although I prefer eye brow pencils made from Asian brands for they tend to have colors that match closer to my hair color, I do find a few surprises that become my favorites. 

Here are my current eye brow pencil collection including new and all time favorites, along with two eye brow make ups.

Shu Uemura hard formula in seal brown 02 (All time favorite)

This pencil has been my make up staple for more than 20 years and is currently the most expensive pencil that I own. This is also one of Shu Uemura’s iconic products.  I have yet to find other pencils to have such hard texture. It may take a few strokes to get the color showing as the lead is quite hard ; however it is totally build able and very water resistant, and it's perfect when I want a very light and natural eye brow look. Even though totally unique, the price is the only drawback of this pencil. I usually get this pencil at duty free shop when I'm back in Asia, around $25 ($720 TWD). Therefore it gives me a reason to continue trying and searching for a cheaper dupe.

Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil - Waterproof in 04 Midnight Brown

This is a  retractable pencil with a wingtip comb.  As the name suggest, this pencil does not smudge easily. The comb is rather useless for me as I don't have much eye brow hair to comb about,  but the thin pencil gives eyebrows precise hair-like strokes. I like to use it when I do a more sophisticated look. $16

Muji wooden pencil & retractable pencil in gray & brown 

Muji does not have an extensive make up/skin care line, however I do have a few favorites from this brand not only perform well but are very affordable as well. I was amazed by Muji's eye brow pencils when I tried them at the store. The texture and color are very similar to my benchmark Shu Uemura pencil and they are about $5-6 each ($150 TWD for wooden pencil, $180TWD for retractable one). Both wooden and retractable pencils have the same color selection,  so I pick different color for each pencil. Not performance related, I love the simple and slick design of the retractable pencil. It would be even nicer if it includes brush (of any kind), as I tend to grab the retractable pencil in my travel bag. 

Prestige Browliner in Earth Brown 04

This is the softest pencil that I currently own, this translates into durability which is the lowest of all my eyebrow pencils but still performs quite well. The color is soft cool brown and comes with a small brush which is quite practical. This pencil is also at $5 mark and Prestige cosmetics is relatively easy to find in my area. I got mine at Jean Coutu. 

Essence eyebrow pencil in brown 02

This pencil has very similar design to Prestige's pencil that comes with a brush at the cap. It is the warmest brown in my collection; however the texture is amazing as it does not smudge easily and the best part, it's only $2.99!  I try to use it in the warmer seasons with brighter colors on my face. It actually brings me out of my normal comfort zone and kind of makes me look younger! 

The Face Shop Design my eyebrow in 02 dark brown (My new favorite)

I was very surprised to see The Face Shop opens a new store at my shopping mall (Rideau Centre, that is). After spotting so many items that I temped to try,  I purchased this eyebrow pencil as my first The Face Shop item. I was torn between the color 02 dark brown and 03 gray, which look quite similar on my hand, at the end I chose 02 that is slightly warmer with a bit of olive undertone, as I tend to wear lighter brow color in Spring/Summer. This pencil has a triangular shape,  which as it's web description suggests, allows you to make the inner eyebrows thick and the outer part thin. Interestingly, this is also the "samurai sword" shape that was shown on Shu Uemura website for it's eyebrow pencil , but ironically the SU pencil does not come with the sword shape.   

This pencil matches all my criteria as an ideal eye brow pencil: natural color (matches my skin tone and hair), great texture,  retractable and even comes with a very nice spooley brush at merely $4.50! This has clearly become my new favorite! 

Setting powder

Instead of owning an eye brow powder, I use the brown (middle lower) or the gray (middle upper) eyeshadow from NYX Limited Edition Crimson Amulet Palette to set both my brows and eye lines for a more complete look. The pale pink shade with slight shimmer (center) is perfect for highlighting the brow bones.  BTW, I got this angle brush from art and craft store DeSerres for $3.50! Another great find! 

Here's the swatches:

From left to right
Essence eyebrow pencil in brown 02
The Face Shop Design my eyebrow in 02 dark brown
Shu Uemura hard formula in seal brown 02 (All time favorite)
Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil - Waterproof  in 04 Midnight Brown
Muji retractable eyebrow pencil in brown 
Muji wooden eyebrow pencil in gray 
Prestige Browliner in Earth Brown 04
NYX brown eyeshadow
NYX gray eyeshadow

What is your favorite eyebrow pencil? 

Have a nice weekend! 

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